Workplace Trends and Human Resources

Workplace Trends and Human Resources

This article comprises the top 5 trends in Human Resources and the workplace.

The human resource function of business organisations is moving from being a cost-centre to a profit-centre position. Moreover, the business workplace has evolved in a substantial manner.


Currently, much of the workforce has moved to work from home or a hybrid mode of work. Hybrid work has allowed employees across the world to save travel time, office time and expenses. Co-working is also another phenomenon that helps employees to work from a flexible third-party workspace rented by the employee or the business.


Due to hybrid work, more time can be released for upskilling themselves. Training and learning interventions help them grow, develop and grow further in their career. Employees can learn and acquire new skills from the comfort of their homes. This has led to the advent of several online training courses.


It is necessary to maintain the physical and mental well-being of the employees. HR Analytics is a trend that works to ensure the holistic well-being of all employees. Thus, employees exhibit greater happiness which leads to greater workplace performance.


Employees can now spend lesser time in a single job which is well-accepted and endorsed by most HR and OB experts. Organisations are working to endorse alternative work approaches. This is done by engaging the rising economy of freelancers.


The Human Resource function is now looking at the professional capabilities of the employees. Employers do well to look at their employee capital in a 360-degree manner. They do not just look for specific skills that the job requires.


However, the HR function is continuously evolving to play a more strategic business role. Currently, it if focusing less on a tactical intervention specialist. Furthermore, these trends will be completely established while newer trends would also come up in the near future.

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