Work Rights: International Students allowed to work in China

Students who have been studying for more than one year in any institution in China will be allowed to work on or off-campus for a maximum of eight hours per week and during the summer and winter holidays, students will be allowed to work up to 16 hours a week.

Previously, international students studying in China were not allowed to work and this new policy has become an add-on for the students who wish to study in China. However, any work undertaken will require approval from the local Exit and Entry Bureau and the students’ place of study. Change in the workplace will also require obtaining a certificate and an agreement from the school and re-applying to the bureau.

Candidates who wish to do a part-time job in China and pursue a work-study can communicate with the university’s Career Department or International Students’ Department for more specific information. 

Students have expressed fears on the need for approval from both the school and immigration authorities which will lead to the employers preferring cash-in-hand employment.

The number of international students enrolling in China had been steadily increasing over the last decade but the pandemic had posed a huge pause to this target. 

The work rights and support for international students have lagged far behind other top destinations. International students graduating from Chinese universities have no post-graduation work rights and students graduating bachelor\’s degrees cannot legally work in China after graduating due to current work visa regulations. The current work Visa has mandated a minimum of two years of post-graduate work experience outside of China as a minimum requirement.

The Chinese government is currently considering opening up more broad opportunities for international students to undertake part-time work or internships during their studies and also allow them to work upon graduation.

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