Work in the US while attending university

Work in the US while attending university

The high cost involved in US education deters many even though it is a dream of many students to pursue their education in the US.

Studying in a country like the US is a costly affair due to fees and other costs. Working alongside studies helps in easing the day-to-day financial burden. It also helps in gaining important work experience that helps in job search after graduation.

International students do not know if they can work along with their studies in the United States of America. Students can work while studying but they are governed by some rules and regulations.

  • Students who have an M-1 and F-1 visa can work in specific training programs on campus.
  • International Students are prohibited from working off campus during their first academic year.
  • On-campus jobs available must be aligned with the students like working for student centres, libraries, etc.
  • Work can be done by the students while the session in the school is going on for up to twenty hours every week.
  • During holidays or vacations, students can work full time at their job place.

Students are allowed to be employed off-campus after their first academic year which is specifically designed for international students will to work alongside their studies. Some such programs include OPT, CPT, OPTE and STEM.


Optional Practical Training enables students from outside of the United States to work for up to a year. This program can be done by the students before or after their studies. The total work offered is for a year comprising pre-completion and post-completion of the degree of the student.


Students pursuing degrees in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math can seek a 24-month extension after completing OPT.


Curricular Practical Training allows international students to gain job experience relevant to their field of study. This is done through cooperative education, employment or paid or unpaid internships for a limited time.

Colleges and universities help overseas students obtain on and off-campus jobs. Students will be governed with few limitations while working in the United States.

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