Why should Indian students consider the UK for education?

Why should Indian students consider the UK for education?

The UK is globally recognised for its education quality which is delivered through a strong academic curriculum.

The UK is a highly coveted foreign education destination for Indians. There has been a significant rise in the past few years in the number of students travelling to the UK from India. Nearly 118,000 Indians were issued study visas in the year ending June 2022. Thus, Indians form one of the largest groups of the UK’s international student community.

Students graduating from UK universities develop a valuable network of friends and mentors. The UK also provides world-class resources for the incubation and transformation of ideas into real-world applications.

Also, Higher education institutions in the UK have strong links to industry. This brings great value to graduates by strengthening their career prospects. India and the UK have been working towards the common goal of internationalising higher education. In order for more cooperation in Transnational education, they have formulated elaborate plans.

Policies are also implemented to support student mobility and bilateral opportunities for students. This list features five factors that make the UK as the best decision for Indin students who wish to pursue their education abroad.


The UK hosts 4 of the top 10 institutes globally. According to the QS Global Rankings 2023, it is also home to 81 of the top 1,000. The UK strongly focuses on providing students with a balanced learning experience. This will help them in innovation and performance.

The institutions deliver guidance and mentorship to students following their graduation. This paves a way for their successful career. 83% of international graduates feel that their degree has automatically paved the way to their job, according to UUKi’s International Graduate Outcomes report.


The UK announced the Graduate Route policy which has contributed to the UK\’s popularity. International graduates of UK universities are allowed to stay back after earning a degree through the graduate route and look for work for two years.

This increases the opportunities for Indian students who wish to gain work experience in the UK. International students are offered with many opportunities to gain valuable professional experience during their studies.

Eligibility and Policy

India and the UK recently signed an agreement on mutual recognition of academic qualifications which will further expand prospects for Indian students. This supports more acceptance of UK qualifications and allows Indian students with UK degrees to pursue further studies, research or employment back in India. Students with UK degrees also participate in lateral entry schemes to induct candidates into senior positions.


The UK offers education at a lower average cost when compared to other countries across the globe. There is also an availability of one-year master’s programmes. Universities in the UK also offer a number of scholarships for Indian students.


UK universities guide students through a network of international students, faculty and mentor communities. This allows them to connect with others from similar backgrounds. Students can also access academic and emotional support.

The UK also offers a variety of Indian cuisines and food, particularly in larger cities. Its cultural connection with India is portrayed through the celebration of a variety of Indian festivals. Students also get exposure to various other areas such as arts, music, fashion, people, literature and culture. Students can also explore the UK’s historic cities and beautiful countryside.

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