Why is Germany the best study destination for Indians?

Why is Germany the best study destination for Indians?

Modern-day connectivity has made it simple for people to explore other cultures making the world a global village and providing success in a superior work environment. Germany is a country with a population of 8 crores and is similar to the Rajasthan state in area but its GDP is USD 3.85 trillion and they have around 12,00,000 open job positions.

Germany has become a desirable place for education and employment for international students and it is seen that at least 330,000 international students are enrolled on Germany according to the figures given by Germany Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). Indian students form the third largest group of international students in Germany out of the given number.

It is seen that there are 25,149 Indian students enrolled in Germany as per the Federal Statistical Office of Germany and below are a few reasons for the large Indian population choosing Germany as their dream destination.

Promising Location for Overseas Students: Germany serves as a promising location for overseas education as it offers a quality of education at an affordable price for international students along with affordability in living and availability of scholarships. It also offers a practice-oriented education and the government has made arrangements to facilitate part-time work for students.

Easy work permit: Germany and the European Union has introduced the EU blue card which is similar to a Permanent Resident Permit to attract talented workers around the world for skilled employees. One can live, work and settle in any of the 26 European countries with this permit.

Fields such as Engineering, Mathematics, Natural Science, Information and Communication Technologies and Architecture and Interior design are experiencing a shortage of workers in Germany. Germany, being the fifth largest economy in the world, can offer international students with specialist skills with plenty of work opportunities after graduation.

Hybrid approach towards education: Various German universities offer programs to study, work and settle in the country. German universities work on a practice-oriented approach which complements academic teaching, thus paving a way for outcome-oriented learning. German universities also partner with companies to ensure students gain theoretical and practical knowledge throughout the course.

Through this approach, students acquire skills and theoretical knowledge which makes them highly employable and makes them ready to solve real-world problems with innovative techniques. India servers to be the fastest-growing economy while Germany serves to be a pillar of academia for ages. This combination proves to be an excellent team which could provide world-renowned innovations.

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