Which is better for MBA aspirants – B.Com. or B.B.A.

Which is better for MBA aspirants – B.Com. or B.B.A.

MBA has become one of the most searched post-graduation programs and a dream course and it is found that India is the 2nd country with most degrees in management of people between 20-34 years of age. MBA degree can be applied by students from various backgrounds to apply. For students who wish to pursue an MBA degree in India, here is a comparison between B.Com. and B.B.A.

B.Com. Specializations:

B.Com. is a three-year undergraduate degree that can be done after Class XII and consists of subjects like insurance, Finance, economics, analytical and problem-solving skills. This degree is designed for commerce students but is also open for science stream students as Mathematics is a key core for getting an admission in this field. The degree also offers specializations such as B.Com. in Accounting and Finance, BCom. in Finance, etc. Students can follow up B.Com. with M.Com. or pursue courses like Chartered Accountant, MBA, Company Secretary, etc.

B.B.A. specializations:

Bachelor of Business Administration is a degree in business administration and commerce which can be done after Class XII which allows students to learn and understand the fundamental knowledge of business along with its practical knowledge and for those who wish to do MBA, BBA is an important degree.

Scope of MBA

There are many fields to pursue MBA like Human Resource, Marketing, Finance, General Management, Information Technology, Production Management, Operations, Entrepreneurship, etc.

MBA courses that require B.B.A.:


MBA in HR is a two-year degree course that focuses on human resource management and those who hold this degree are trained for field management and are hired for planning human resource development strategies.

MBA in Marketing

MBA in Marketing is a two-year degree course for interested candidates in learning branding, advertising and marketing. This course teaches subjects such as Business Environment, Marketing Management, Management Concepts, etc.


MBA in General Management is a two-year program that includes the study of finance, marketing and accounting and is for those individuals who wish to focus on higher-level management problems and want to supervise employees.

MBA courses that require B.Com.:

MBA in Finance

MBA degree in Finance is a two-year course that helps to know more about the finance world and forecast economic trends, choose investment portfolios, etc. Students with an MBA degree in Finance can work in fields like international finance, insurance management, tax planning, etc.


MBA in Information Technology is a two-year program and focuses on imparting skills such as project management, office skills, flexibility, foresight, etc.

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