What is the cost of studying in South Korea? Know details here

  • Getting a degree from a foreign country is a costly affair. From tuition fees, housing facilities to accommodation costs, there’s just so much to consider! In comparison to other countries, the cost of studying in South Korea is comparatively much more affordable. 
  • Read on to find out about the important things to consider while calculating your overall cost of pursuing higher education from South Korea. 

Study in South Korea Tuition Fee

The tuition fees for pursuing education from South Korean universities depend on the type of university you choose, i.e., private or public. The cost of studying in private universities is more in comparison to the cost of studying in public universities. The cost of education can also vary depending upon one’s course of choice. For instance, courses such as medicine, law, etc are more expensive than courses like humanities and arts.

Study in South Korea Approximate Annual Tuition Fee

ProgramApproximate Costs (per semester, in USD)
Associate Degree$1,500-$2,600 [Rs 106,000-Rs 184,000]
Undergraduate Course$1,600-$10,000 [Rs 110,000-Rs 710,000]
Postgraduate Program$1,100-$10,000 [Rs 78,000-Rs 710,000]

Study in South Korea Scholarships

Candidates can avail several scholarships to pursue their education in South Korea.

Here’s a list of the Undergraduate Korean Government Scholarships: 

  • Yonsei University Scholarship for Undergraduate Program
  • Global Korea Scholarship
  • GKS for ASEAN Nations
  • Korean Government Scholarship Program
  • Seoul National University Scholarship for Graduates and Undergraduates
  • Korea University Scholarship for Graduate and Undergraduate Program
  • GIST Scholarship
  • UST Scholarships

Study in South Korea Accommodations

  • Several educational institutes in South Korea grant on-campus and off-campus living accommodations to their students. This is one of the most affordable living facilities for international students. 
  • However, it’s fairly difficult to secure a place for oneself. Hence, we recommend students to apply at an early stage. Candidates can also rent out apartments with friends or stay in boarding houses. 

Here’s a rough calculation for the overall cost for living accommodations: 

  • Dormitories: $600-$1400
  • Boarding Houses: $300-$600
  • Rented Apartments: $300 

Study in South Korea Living Expenses

  • Besides covering the tuition and accommodation fees, there are also several other extra expenses that a student needs to take into consideration. This includes travel fairs, food, books, stationery, utilities, and other basic needs. Although Korea is cheaper in comparison to European and American countries, candidates still need to have a safe amount saved with them so that they can use it in times of emergency. 
  • The basic living expense for an international student in South Korea (excluding the tuition and the living accommodations) is $400-$500. This includes transportation, food, medical insurance, internet, stationery, etc. However, this may vary from one student to the other, their ways of living, and the city in which a candidate is based. 

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