What is the cost of studying in Japan? Know details here

  • Japan is one of the leading players in today’s technological industry. From being the hotspot of the anime world to have a rich cultural diversity and some of the best educational systems, Japan is an attractive place for international studies.
  • The cost of pursuing a degree in Japan is quite affordable. However, having inexpensive education doesn’t mean that Japanese universities compromise with their educational needs. Japan has some of the most prestigious institutes globally, and you have to be a very talented individual to be granted admission to these elite institutes. 
  • Read to know about the important things to consider while calculating the cost of pursuing education from Japanese universities.

Study in Japan Tuition Fee

  • The tuition fees for pursuing a course in Japan vary depending upon the type of university, the type of course, and many other factors. In comparison to the European and American universities, Japan has comparatively affordable programs. 
  • The cost of pursuing a course from the state and national universities is less in comparison to that of a private institute. For most UG courses, the cost of pursuing a degree range from 12,40,000 to 28,30,000 Yen. For post-graduation, the cost of a program may range from12,50,000 to 44,00,000 Yen. 

Study in Japan Accommodation

  • Students studying in Japan can opt for one of the three options: Dormitories owned by the university, Guesthouses, and Private renting. Students can also opt to share flats with others because private rentals and dormitory spaces are often scarce. The average monthly rent for students is around 60,000 yen. 

Study in Japan Living Expenses and Transportation

  • Apart from tuition and living accommodations, other needs such as food, utilities, and transport expenses are also some necessities to consider. The food prices in Japan might range from 800 to 1000 Yen on average. For monthly travel and transportation charges, you might need around 10,000 yen. Students can also get a Rail Pass for 60000 yen. These rail passes allow a student to travel unlimitedly on all national trains in Japan, and this includes bullet trains and buses.

Study in Japan Health Support and Insurance

  • All candidates are required to enroll in a national health insurance program and it costs roughly around 2,500 YEN ($22) per month. Under the National Health Policy, international students are only responsible for paying 30% of the medical expenses on any treatment covered by the insurance and the rest shall be reimbursed by the respective insurance company.

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