What are the main Responsibilities and Duties of an Education Consultant?

educational consultant

An Education Consultant is a professional in the field of education who basically works as an academic advisor. He helps with developing curriculum and other issues that schools, organizations, parents and students may face. He has knowledge of various careers and career opportunities. The responsibilities of an education consultant include maintaining a school’s curriculum, fulfilling school needs, identifying and proving student needs and also holding meetings and monitoring teacher performances. He also helps students and answers their questions on various career options or curriculum, etc.

One of the main responsibilities of an education consultant is to identify student needs and to improve them. While doing so, he or she discovers new findings which will help in improving school programs. He understands the requirements of the students and undertakes proper research to find the areas that need improvement. He then makes the necessary changes and also makes sure that the changes are effective. He or she even engages in various activities to maximize productivity and for the success of students.

A consultant plays a major role in the education system. He or she helps the school to maintain a specific curriculum. Their job is to work with the administrators and educators in order to identify student needs, monitor teaching methods and further improve current school programs. Some other duties of an education consultant include: –

  • They are assessing student performance.
  • It is implementing changes in the curriculum wherever necessary.
  • Surveying students
  • Buying new books for various school programs
  • They are designing training programs for teachers to improve their skills.

Education Consultants work for both: various educational institutions and the students.


For educational institutions: – Consultants often collaborate with provost and vice presidents of colleges, universities, corporation and non-profit service providers in order to help them. They advise on student and faculty retention, recruiting process, alumni relations, fundraising as well as other areas that need improvement.

They help improve the reputation of the institutions among students, school staff, as well as alumni. They prepare a report by interviewing the staff, students and professors of the institution, recommending the improvements needs to achieve the institution\’s goals.

Schools also hire educational consultants to better or improve their competitive edge or to comply with the accrediting board’s guidelines.


Consulting for students: – Consultants also work directly with the students and their parents. They students in choosing a college and help them in getting them accepted into that college. Parents even hire a consultant for their children in high school so that the education consultant can help them choose the classes and activities that will help them achieve their goal. They also help them in selecting colleges, gathering application materials and in the entire process of admission. They can help students to choose a stream or major and explain to them how they can translate it into a career.

Educational qualification of an Education Consultant: – The Education consultant must be well educated and must possess at least a bachelor\’s degree in curriculum and instruction or educational technology. He or she must also have adequate knowledge about management and is expected to hold a degree of same. An education consultant is also expected to have relevant experience.

While looking for education consultants near you, make sure that they have the required skills. The skills required in an education consultant are: –

  • · Management: – He or she should have strong organization and planning skills.
  • · Leadership: – Consultants should have good leadership skills. They must be able to motivate and inspire their clients.
  • · Communication: – This is the most important skill a consultant must possess. He should be able to understand what the school or the student need and should also tackle them effectively.
  • · People skills: – He should have a cooperative attitude. Building a good rapport with the school, professors, parents as well as students is important in order to succeed.
  • · Judgment: – An education consultant\’s job is to guide a student or school in achieving its goal not to control the process of making that happen. He must know when to let go.
  • Educational consultants should have a dependable and cooperative attitude.
  • The consultant should be helpful.
  • He or she should have knowledge about legal duties and laws that guide education within the work area.
  • The consultant should be flexible and have the ability to adapt to changes.
  • He or she must have excellent analytical thinking and the ability to use logic to solve issues related to work.
  • Expert problem solving and decision making skills.
  • An education consultant is responsible for taking care or all the requirements of students, staffs and institutions. The major duties, tasks and responsibilities of an education consultant are as follows: –
  • Develop Curriculum: – They work with the teachers to review the programs and teaching materials currently being used and then give recommendations to improve them. They ensure that the curriculum meets the standards of the state, and federal and materials are standardized throughout the classrooms.
  • Observe Teachers: – The consultants also observe the teaching methods used by the teachers and suggest ways to improve them and increase class participation. They inform the institutions about the latest instructional techniques and trends to assist their clients. They develop instructional materials for the teachers or instructors.
  • Provide Data Analysis: – They are responsible for reviewing and analyzing school\’s performance data such as exam score, graduation rates. Depending on their findings, the consultants guide the schools in improving their performance by offering solutions and new methods. They also carry out maintenance and management reports and records and ensure proper documentation of all.
  • Training and Development: – They work hand in hand with the teachers to ensure improvement in teaching standards. Education Consultants also provide training to the school’s staff. They offer courses to meet the requirements of teaching staff as well as provide soft skill seminars.
  • Have a regular meeting with the teachers, school staff and the current students. Ask them questions about the teaching methods and other topics and find areas of improvement. Developing strategies to overcome these problems and help the institution move towards its goals.
  • They discuss various issues in the educational system with the members of the management so as to understand them and come up with a solution to solve these problems.
  • Develop a positive learning environment for both the prospective and already enrolled students.
  • Help Students make career choices: – An education consultant helps students to explore best colleges and choose the desired college. He or she then lists down the entire process of admission and helps them get into the college. He or she also helps students to decide the stream or major he wants to pursue and also explains how the major can be transformed into a career. A consultant provides professional support or advice to students to help them make the right choice. They help students in transitioning from one phase to another, for example, from high school to college.
  • Help students in filling the application forms and in writing a proper essay and also help them prepare for the various entrance exams to get into the college.
  • He guides students as to what all activities he or she can do to move towards achieving their goals.
  • Helps parents: – A consultant also helps parents in understanding the admission procedure.
  • They organize various committees, workshops, and conferences to promote social and intellectual welfare of the students.

Planning for college is a scary topic, there are too many options and then the cut-offs. It can be stressful and emotional too. Hiring an education consultant spares you of all the stress. They help to explore the best colleges. They not only save you money but also the time as they help you make the right choice and in the entire process.

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