Western Illinois University sees enrollment climb in 2022

Western Illinois University sees enrollment climb in 2022
  • Overall enrollment at Western Illinois University has increased to 6980 in Spring 2022 which is greater than the enrollment in Spring 2021. There is an increase in the number of international students enrolled along with an increase in 369 new graduate students this spring.
  • Thus, the total graduate student enrollment is 2117 in Spring 2022. The international student enrollment is now 818 with 247 new students enrolling this spring and 571 returning. WIU saw the largest enrollment in international students since 1987 in the last semester with 424 new students enrolling and 234 returning.
  • Once the students enrol at WIU, they will be given the resources and support to succeed. Forty-four new freshmen have enrolled for Spring 2022 and 192 new transfer students have joined WIU despite the pandemic and other challenges faced by the students.
  • However, full-time freshmen remain stable at 88.4 per cent. Fall 2022 recruitment efforts that started last year is continuing in full force. Admissions and enrollment management staff are working with prospective students and are providing ongoing outreach efforts to high schools and community colleges.
  • Spring Discover Western programs have begun with the first one scheduled for February 21 and students can visit WIU’s campuses for a personal tour as well as take a self-guided tour or virtual visit.

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