US Supreme Court to hear challenge at Harvard and UNC

US Supreme Court to hear challenge at Harvard and UNC
  • The Supreme Court of the US agreed to hear a bid to bar the University of North Carolina and Harvard University from considering race in undergraduate admissions and the appeals are put forth by a group called Students for Fair Admissions.
  • The lawsuits claimed that the universities were discriminating against applicants on the basis of race. The Students for Fair Admissions claimed that Harvard University discriminated against Asian American Applicants and the University of North Carolina discriminated against white and Asian American Applicants.
  • The Universities, however, stated that race is a factor to evaluate admissions without quotas and if this factor is not considered, then the number of Black, Hispanic and other underrepresented students will be dropped. The consideration of race is meaningful as it prevented racial diversity of the undergraduate student body and strengthens the learning environment.
  • However, the Students for Fair Admissions stated that in a multi-racial and multi-ethnic nation, the college admissions bar cannot be lowered for some races and ethnic groups and cannot be raised for others.

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