US – A popular destination for Indian students

US - A popular destination for Indian students

There are various reasons to cite why the US is a popular and favoured destination amongst international students.

The United States is at the top of the list of countries when it comes to study abroad destinations. The US serves as a home to some of the world\’s largest and most developed cities and possesses a culture that attracts the greatest talents.

The US also hosts a variety of top-tier institutions and schools and houses world\’s leading corporations. Indian students accounted for 18 per cent of all international students in 2021 in the US according to the Institute of International Education.

International Reputation and Status

Students who complete international education will have greater academic benefits and a stronger understanding of the world. They will also possess a fresh global perspective and newfound confidence. These skills can be used to build a strong career in the destination they choose to do post-graduation.

The English language training, diverse and innovative programs offered along with networking opportunities will help students to succeed in the next stages of their careers. The United States is home to many top schools and is well-known for its academic standards.

An international student is offered a wide range of choices in spite of the state in which they choose to study. STEM fields are most popular for Indian students studying in the US as it is at the forefront of global scientific and technical innovation. Thus, it is well known for supporting international STEM talent.

More than 77 per cent of Indian students in the 2020-2021 academic year in the US studied STEM. 35 per cent of Indian students accounted for the fields of Math and Computer Science. Post-graduation work opportunities serve as a very significant factor for students.

Thus, the US continues to keep up with the rapid pace of the STEM field and careers. The White House announced additional STEM fields eligible for Optional Practical Training STEM Extension at the beginning of 2022.

Optional Practical Training provides the students with a chance to find off-campus employment or internship within their field of study. This is a two-year longer extension compared to those who graduate from a non-STEM program.

Future Outlook

It is important for schools to adapt to the many changes in the education system and be attentive to what students are interested in. International students can develop fresh views and skills that prepare them for the global economy while studying alongside students and professors from around the world.

Offering flexibility to the students and accommodating their interests is important to many international students. Institutions in the US have demonstrated their commitment to attracting more international students by easing the application process for the students. They have also offered online submissions of paperwork and applications.

They also permit the students to submit immigration documentation online. US institutions also made a significant effort to improve their support systems in the areas of safety, health and general well-being of all international students.

The Student Journey

The US universities ensure on-campus support, diverse cultures, incredible campus culture and modern classroom experience. They also include exposure to different cultures. Studying in the US offers a new global experience that can lead to improved chances of career development.

A student\’s journey to the US is unique and must be strategically planned according to their career aspirations. They must also be sure about what they want to grasp from their study abroad experience.

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