Universities in abroad with waived application fees in 2022

Universities in abroad with waived application fees in 2022
  • Studying abroad will obviously cost a lot and it is a huge expense but studying in a university with waived application fees will help in saving the cost. The most expensive universities are situated in the US and the costs of tuition fees and living add up to over 60,000 US dollars a year.
  • International students must also keep in mind the university application fee that is generally non-refundable and costs around dollar 70 pounds in the US along with a similar structure across other countries.
  • Many students apply to a university and it would be difficult for the admissions staff to look through the thousands of applications which can be time-consuming and this amount will be costly for those applying to multiple universities at once.
  • The Universities with waived application fees are given below:
  • Wellesley College, US: This is a private women’s university that is ranked number five for liberal arts education in the US. The College does not charge any application fee for its undergraduate or postgraduate programs.
  • Thomas Aquinas College, US: This is also a private university known for liberal arts and has two campuses located in Ventura County, California and Northfield, Massachusetts. The College provides a unique education and helps the students peruse the original works of the most influential authors in history across all the disciplines.
  • Charles Darwin University, Australia: It is one of the top 100 universities in the Asia Pacific and it is the second institution in Australia that provides graduate employability. The University has nine campuses spread across the country and has expertise in various sectors.
  • University of South Australia, Australia: This is a public research university that aims to address some of Australia’s greatest challenges and has a record of excellence and innovation in teaching. This University does not charge any application fee.

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