Undergraduate applications in Tufts Rise to 12 per cent

Undergraduate applications in Tufts Rise to 12 per cent
  • Undergraduate applications for the class of 2026 to the University of Tufts has grown nearly 12% over last year making this the largest applicant pool ever. The increase is seen in every demographic group and applications from international students, first-generation learners, students from beyond the U.S. and students of colour are outpacing the growth of applicants.
  • International applicants have increased by 29% while applicants in the US have increased by 7%. Students of colour have been accounting for 52% of all the US applicants. Students are preferring Tufts University due to the care and steadiness offered during their stay in the residential campus during difficult times.
  • Opportunities at Tufts have been distinctive on the higher education landscape and the University has been offering rigorous education along with a commitment to civic engagement. Also, the admissions team continued their innovation to reach students during the pandemic.
  • Students were provided with opportunities to learn more about Tufts University such as interactive students and faculty panels, mock classes, information sessions and tours, Jumbo chats with students and art portfolio reviews.
  • The University aims at providing reduced access to the exams during this prolonged uncertainty of the pandemic. Financial aid is provided to the first-generation learners attributing to an increase in the first-generation applicants.
  • In early February, the decision for the students who have applied for the second round of Early Decision will be released and in March, the decision for the students who have applied via regular decision will be released.

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