UGC sends letter to rationalize courses – teachers condemn

UGC sends letter to rationalize courses – teachers condemn
  • The University Grants Commission has asked Central Universities for rationalization of courses in a letter based on the demand among the students within the sanctioned number of students and teaching staff aligned with the number of students in each course.
  • An uproar was triggered among the teaching community with concerns about reducing funds and staff cuts in courses in social sciences and humanities. Teachers are worried about the impact of rationalization on departments that teach Indian Languages as the letter is in contravention of NEP actively pushed by the centre.
  • Professor Uma Devi stated that NEP wants multidisciplinary courses and wants to Indianize the education system but if the letter is implemented, then both the objectives will be hampered. NEP instructs to teach Indian languages in different universities but rationalization was asked due to less demand and low enrolment. What is the scale to determine the demand?
  • She also added that only when people learn about various languages, people would learn about their traditions. Munshi Mohamed Yunus, a teacher at Zakir Hussain College stated that universities are a place in which multiple cultures meet and learn from each other and language teaching plays a crucial role in preserving the unity of the country.
  • Also, private institutions may think of profit or loss on the basis of enrolment but government institutions do not run in this manner. So how is the outcome quantified? Language is different from sciences and it brings creativity to expressions and it must be taught to preserve heritage.

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