UGC orders institutes to register students at the ABC portal

UGC orders institutes to register students at the ABC portal

The Academic Bank of Credit portal is compulsory this year – UGC announcement.

The University Grants Commission (UGC) has asked all higher education institutes that offer online and ODL programmes to register their students at the ABC. The ABC portal refers to the Academic Bank of Credits and students can access it through the website

ABC portal

The ABC portal is a national-level facility. It promotes flexibility of curriculum framework through academic mobility across the higher educational institutions in the country. Through this, there is appropriate credit transfer.

Use of the ABC portal

The primary functions of ABC are registration of HEIs under the ABC scheme. Through this, student academic accounts are opened, closed and validated. Moreover, it facilitates credit verification, accumulation, transfer of students and also promotion of the ABC.

Registration for the ABC portal

Students must visit the Academic Bank of Credit portal and click on the link for ‘my account\’ that is available on the homepage and choose the ‘student’ option. A new window will appear in which you can log in/register using your username/ mobile number or government-issued identification cards.

You must fill in all the required information and upload the necessary documents. After registration, each account holder will be provided with a unique ID on the ABC.

ABC portal – compulsory for HEIs

HEIs must have to create the Academic Bank of Credit (ABC) IDs of students. They must then deposit their credits with ABC for programmes offered in online or ODL mode. The LMS of all universities may be integrated similarly with the ABC portal. However, this portal and credit system is now only for ODL and online programmes.

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