UGC launches syllabus for Cyber Security Courses

UGC launches syllabus of Cyber Security Courses

The two courses at the UG and PG level aim at imparting information about cybersecurity issues.

The University Grants Commission has launched the syllabus of cybersecurity courses at the UG and PG levels. The syllabus would provide an understanding of cybersecurity issues. This is for students from both technical and non-technical streams.

Cybersecurity needs to be incorporated at the UG and PG levels in all streams. This course aims to create awareness and responsible digital citizens which would contribute to an overall healthy cyber security ecosystem.

Higher Education Institutions will invite Cyber Security, Computer or IT-qualified experts from Industry to take the lectures, practicals and tutorials. The syllabus of the UG level covers basic and mid-level concepts. The syllabus of the PG level will cover mid and advanced-level concepts.

UG-level topics include introduction to cyber security, social media overview, cybercrime and laws, digital payments, e-commerce and digital devices security. PG level includes cyber crimes, data privacy and security, cyber laws, compliance and governance and cyber security management.

Students will be able to understand the basic security aspects and use basic tools and technologies in order to protect their devices. Students will also be able to understand the legal framework that exists in India for cybercrime.

The course will be introduced under elective or optional categories. It will also include practicals for topics such as privacy settings, registering complaints and preparing password policies for computer and mobile devices.

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