UC sets record-breaking applications second year in a row

UC sets record-breaking applications second year in a row
  • The University of California shattered records for first-year fall applications due to the elimination of standardized test requirements and greater online outreach in drawing the largest and most diverse applicant pool despite the pandemic.
  • The transfer applications, however, fell at each of the nine UG campuses reflecting a continuing decline in community college enrollment. On the whole, UC drew 210,840 first-year applications, which is a 3.5% increase over last year with more students seeking admissions from California, other states and countries for fall 2022.
  • The California residents numbered 132,337 consisted of 38% of Latinos, 31% of Asian Americans, 21% of white students, 7% of Black applicants, 1% of American Indians and less than 1% of Pacific Islanders. There are particularly striking gains made by Black applicants, increasing at the fastest pace and it is seen that their numbers have grown by 25% systemwide in the last two years.
  • However, Latino, Asian American as well as white applicants have increased by 17%. UC is the most sought after institution and the record-breaking applicant pool is proof of UC’s success. There is a 32% increase in the number of students who ranked in the top 9% of their high school class. More applicants with a higher academic achievement pose a tough competition but UCLA plans to increase the number of seats for California residents this fall.
  • This year, the number of applicants are expected to increase and UC expects to include the impact of the pandemic on applicants from access to technology for online learning to caring for family members along with the challenge of maintaining extracurricular activities.

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