Top courses for Indian students to study abroad

Top courses for Indian students to study abroad

Popular top courses include STEM as well as those related to Finance and Business.

The most popular courses are broadly categorized into STEM and those related to Finance and Business. Post-pandemic, Indian students have also been pouring into courses such as Healthcare, Climate, and Technology. Some of the top courses are listed below:

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is gaining prominence with the advent of Blockchain, Metaverse and other AI-induced technologies. Around 24% of Indian students wish to study advanced technologies abroad.


Engineering courses offer excellent career prospects and are demanded across the globe. Web Technology, Bioengineering and Computer Science Engineering enjoy a great marketplace worldwide. Moreover, they offer students with better opportunities and competitive salaries.


The Healthcare sector is conducting various researches on life-threatening diseases. It is also advocating various drug trials. Thus, the demand for healthcare professionals is widely increasing. Thus, courses such as Nursing, Medicine, and Healthcare Management are gaining popularity among Indians.

Climatology & Energy Management

There is a rise in the demand for courses related to environmental damage as there is an increase in the awareness about climate change & global warming. Great interest is shown in Environmental Sustainability, Climatology and Energy Management courses.

Business Studies

MBA is the popular course chosen by Indian students who wish to study abroad. Business studies include various branches such as Finance, Marketing, Managerial Economics, Investment Banking and Business Law and Ethics.

Moreover, specializations like Business Analytics, Digital Marketing, Cybersecurity, Data Analytics, and Ecotechnology are gaining acceptance. More than half a percentage of Indian students prefer specialized courses over the universities reputation.

Choosing the most relevant course is necessary. Several factors like cost-to-benefit ratio, education quality and job prospects are taken into consideration before choosing a relevant course. All the effort and planning are worth it as pursuing higher education abroad will bring fruitful results which would ensure a successful career.

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