Top 5 US states that Indian students prefer to study

Top 5 US states that Indian students prefer to study

According to the Open Doors 2021 Report, the top five destinations for Indian students studying
in the US are Illinois, Massachusetts, Texas, California, and New York. These states serve as
home to some of the top universities in the USA including Harvard, MIT, Cornell University,
Northwestern University, the University of Texas at Austin, and the University of Chicago.

It is seen that 27 percent of international students studying in Illinois are Indians while 22 percent are stationed in Texas, 20 percent in Massachusetts, 18 percent in New York, and 13.7 percent in California as per the student flow analysis. Moreover, Arizona houses 31.6% of Indian
students among over 21,000 foreign students.

In California, out of the 132,758 international students, 13.7 percent are Indians. However, a
majority of the student population is contributed by China, Taiwan, South Korea, and Vietnam. In
2020-2021, international students contributed USD 4.38 billion toward education expenses.
California houses top universities such as the University of California-Berkeley, the University
of Southern California Los Angeles and the University of California San Diego.

Texas houses 67,428 international students out of which 21.8 percent are Indians while 18.9 percent are Chinese. Other countries such as Mexico, Vietnam, and Nepal contribute to the student
population of Texas. Texas houses universities such as the University of Houston, University of
Texas Austin and the University of Texas Arlington.

New York houses 106,894 International students out of which 17.4 percent are from India, i.e.,
18,600 students. Besides, students from South Korea, Taiwan, and Canada also play a major role
in the student population of New York. New York is home to Universities such as New York
University, Columbia University, and Stevens Institute of Technology.

Massachusetts houses 66,273 international students out of which 19.9 percent were Indians
while 36.4 percent were Chinese. Massachusetts houses two globally renowned institutions
which are Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Illinois houses 44,000 international students with 27.4 percent Indian students. Illinois houses
famous institutions such as the Booth School of Business, The Kellogg School of Management,
the Illinois Institute of Technology and the University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign.

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