Top 10 scholarships for Indian students to study abroad

Top 10 scholarships for Indian students to study abroad
  • Studying in top international colleges is a dream for many students but the financial restraints operate as a barrier. A number of international and national organizations are working to guarantee access to high-quality education that talented individuals deserve due to lack of resources. Below are the scholarships for Indian students to study abroad in countries such as the US, UK, Europe, Canada and China.
  • Tata Scholarship: This scholarship is provided for Indian students who have been accepted to study undergraduate courses at Cornell University in the US and require financial assistance. This grant will pay the tuition fees along with the living costs, food costs, medical costs and transport costs for eight semesters and if the course lasts longer, the student is responsible for their costs.
  • Erasmus + Europe The Erasmus + Program: This program was created as a result of seven other EU scholarships and over the course of seven years, these sponsorships deliver Euro 14.7 billion to teachers, students and institutions across Europe.
  • Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Program in France: Students who wish to earn an international Master’s or PhD program can avail themselves of this scholarship. Students are provided with a monthly payment of 1,181 Euro which includes a return ticket to their home country as well as social security coverage.
  • Chevening Scholarships in the UK: This is the UK’s global sponsorship initiative supported by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office which allows students from specific nations to apply. About 1500 students from these countries will be covered for their tuition costs, monthly stipend, a return flight ticket home, etc.
  • Endeavour Postgraduate Awards in Australia: Students who wish to pursue a Master’s or PhD degree in Australia can avail themselves of this scholarship which covers all of the students\’ expenses during their period of study.
  • Fulbright Scholarships in the USA: Indian Students who wish to earn a Master’s degree or do research at any American university can avail themselves of this scholarship which is provided by the United States-India Educational Foundation.
  • Candidates who have completed a bachelors degree equivalent to that in the US, have a minimum of 3 years of work experience in the same field as their research and have excellent communication skills are eligible for this scholarship.
  • The Gates Millennium Scholarship in the USA: The scholarship is funded by Gates Foundation and covers the entire cost for 1000 kids including tuition fees and living expenses. Any Indian student pursuing their studies in the United States are eligible for this scholarship.
  • Swedish Institute Study Scholarship in Sweden: Indian Students who wish to pursue a Master’s degree in Sweden can apply for this scholarship to be one of the 550 international students selected by the Swedish Institute which covers the whole cost of tuition and a portion of a travel grant, insurance and living expenses.
  • Joint Japan World Bank Graduate Scholarships: This scholarship is for students who wish to earn a Master’s degree in another country and return to their home country to contribute to its development. The scholarship covers school fees, housing, health insurance and a stipend to cover living expenses.
  • Rotary Foundation Global Study Grants: This scholarship is open to any student who wishes to study abroad and the scholarship amount begins at $30,000 and includes all academic and travel fees such as language lessons, tuition fees, housing, etc.

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