Tips to apply for a Scholarship

Tips to apply for a Scholarship

The National Scholarship Portal 2000 acts as a guide to several scholarships offered by the UGC and various governments.

The financial resources required for education is not always available, be it in India or abroad. With the increase in expenses in education, scholarships become a great propeller of dreams. However, the process of scholarship starts when the students decide to work on oneself in terms of education.

Scholarships are awarded to students from various backgrounds. Some popular scholarships offered include Government based scholarships such as Prime Minister Scholarship Scheme and Post Graduate Merit Scholarship.

Moreover, there are other scholarships meant to educate a girl child or an adult women, means based scholarships for those who hail from economically poor backgrounds, merit based ones considering academic excellence, talent based aid, institutional scholarships, higher education scholarships, community based as well as private scholarships.

One must understand the type of scholarship to start the process. The National Scholarship Portal 2000 acts as a guide to several scholarships offered by the UGC and various governments. The procedure is different for different scholarships.

Thus, one must follow the individual procedure and submit the required documents in the portal. Moreover, one must be conscious of the eligibility criteria and the deadlines. Take a look at the available scholarship options from different sources before applying to an educational institution.

Also, be sure to check if the scholarship covers all the expenses. Some scholarships offer only partial cover. The documents must also be valid and attested before submission.

The essential prerequisites to avail a scholarship include:

  • Financial Statements and declaration of income
  • Academic transcripts of consistent excellence
  • Achievements in other fields such as sports or the arts
  • Aptitude assessments, entrance exams, proficiency tests or qualifiers
  • Impactful Letter of Recommendation
  • Written Indicators of Calibre like a strong SOP
  • Service to the Community
  • Contribution to Social Welfare
  • Strong Verbal and Written Communication Skills

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