There should be some normalizing of marks for a fair system- Yogesh Singh, V.C, University of Delhi

There should be some normalizing of marks for a fair system

Delhi University is planning to start the four-year undergraduate program beginning next year and there seems to be a lot of questions arising against the process and the parameters of admission including other courses.

Yogesh Singh the Vice-Chancellor of DU took the responsibility of answering a few doubts last month in the middle of the admission. He said in an interview that the admission process needs to be revised in order to create opportunities for all the students from all boards. The different admission options and the difficulties with re-opening of colleges for theory classes, improving the ranking have started different controversies and conflicts. Further, they have mentioned that there are many options available in order to evaluate a student. The first option is to continue with the current system itself and the second one is to normalize/scale the marks of all the students regardless of the boards. The authorities admit that it is quite difficult but it is not impossible.

According to COLLZY\’s research team and its panel members, the leniency of one board should not affect the chances of admission of students from other boards and hence should not affect the diversity in the college. It is highly unfair for the students of North India to face rejection in receiving admit just because another students\’ registered board followed an easy marking scheme. There should be normalizing of marks to bring all students on the same scale.

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