The United States introduces new changes in admission policy

The United States introduces new changes in admission policy
  • New changes have been announced by the United States to its university admissions policy in order to attract international students in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math called STEM.
  • These changes are incorporated to make the economy of the US more competitive. Eligible candidates will be allowed to complete 36 months of education and training in STEM by the State Department and new initiatives will be introduced to connect the students with US businesses.
  • 22 New areas of Education are also introduced by the Department of Homeland Security for foreign students in the United States including Data visualization, data science and cloud computing. 58,000 applications were received in 2020 for the program in which international graduates of US universities were allowed to spend three more years in training with local employers.
  • The program was designed to attract talents from around the world along with scientists and researchers whose achievements will enable the economy to grow. International students remain the focus of growing academic research and a report by State National Science Board states that half of the doctoral degrees from the US are held by international students and scientists on temporary visas.

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