The UK to set a new target for international students

The UK to set a new target for international students
  • There is a global race for international students and UK has reached their goal of 600,000 international students a decade early. Lord Karan Bilimoria stated that the UK must not stop at this a introduce a new target of hosting one million international students by 2030.
  • Even though UK and US offer different experiences, they’re both excellent and the institutions of the country have often ranked top in the world. The new post-study work opportunities are a huge attraction for prospective international students and the number of Indian students has been escalating. He also stated that they would be interested in building a campus in India in future.
  • The former UK minister of State for Universities spoke of ensuring sustainability rather than aiming for further growth so that they don’t lose the gains that have been made in policy terms over recent years.

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