The new study abroad era – Born out of the Inflation crisis

The new study abroad era – Born out of the Inflation crisis

Here is a transparent blueprint of the expected expenditure before the students and
parents enter into the wave of the uncertainty of inflation.

The Indian Rupee has been falling alarmingly against the US dollar which has led to a decreased
interest in overseas education. Here is a transparent blueprint of the expected expenditure before
the students and parents enter into the wave of the uncertainty of inflation.

Study abroad plans cannot be built in a day. It is necessary to understand that catchy taglines and
photographs only provide the ranking and reputation from an external viewpoint. Most of the
students who wished to study abroad left for the USA, Canada and the UK.

Even those students with generous scholarships were worried as a lot of them do not cover living
and personal expenses and for young adults who are moving to an entirely new territory, these
matters are found hard to tackle.

Academic institutions are charging students significantly more for higher education and the
average living expenses for an undergraduate degree have increased by a staggering 169 per cent
between 1980 and 2020.

Tuition fees have experienced significant hikes and certain specialization courses often cost way
beyond what students and parents can afford. Well-planned financial mapping, investment and
concentrating one’s funds on policies that promise high returns are essential.

Planning one’s education abroad is an investment on multiple levels and it is important to direct
one’s time, money and efforts to places of repute that guarantee returns. One must ensure that
study abroad plans are goal-oriented with the foremost aim of gaining admission into a premier

Going abroad for tertiary education is a period of academic rigour and diligence that could
ascertain the rest of one’s life. Study abroad plans and aspirations will bear fruit only if the
presence and option of this choice are realized, recognized and truly pursued.

It is imperative to explore and examine all the avenues of monetary support for financial security
when applying or going abroad. Almost all banks of repute provide options and companies and
startups draw plans that aid overseas education. It is advisable to gain thorough information
about all such systems and invest accordingly to reap maximum benefits in the later years.

While looking into educational institutions, the key is to embrace an eagle-eye view, analyze and
then decide as it is considered to be unbiased, neutral and holistic when compared to most other
perceptions which turn out to be skewed and biased.

Before finalizing one’s university and commencing the application and shortlisting process, it is
necessary to scrutinize the student scenario by accounting for all possible variables such as
internships, finances, institution reputation, ranking, research, etc.

It is necessary to align all the mentioned variables in order to equip the student to tread the path
toward their aspired college. A student’s study abroad dream may lose meaning on an individual
front if these variables do not align and the self-assigned purpose will crumble.
This will make the student no longer want to go abroad and the purpose will be to follow the
crowd which will make quality and long-term success take a backseat.

Thus, it is necessary for the students to explore institutions in India as well and it is seen that
more often students applying and aspiring to study abroad look at possibilities in India from an
inferior perspective.

Thus, it is important for the students as well as parents to look at the possibility and probability
with a holistic eye with an objective and devoid of glory bias.

Most people generally gibe into the obsession to go abroad simply for reasons pertaining to
social validation and conformity which may even decelerate a student’s career and lead them to a
crippling need to re-evaluate personal desires against societal conventions.

The career trajectory of a student who is pursuing education in the USA may not change much as
long as there is no productive reason behind it and another student in India may have a lot more
to achieve because they have invested their financial, emotional and intellectual resources in the
right ways.

It is imperative to shrink off the Fear of Missing Out associated with what or neighbour or
relative’s daughter is doing in their semester abroad and concentrate on finding the right shoes in
which the student fits.

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