The Coalition for College Plans New Application from 2022

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  • The Coalition for College which was founded several years ago and prevails as an alternative to the Common Application is planning to change its application. The Coalition for college will integrate the application process within Scoir which is a software that many counsellors and students use every day instead of providing separate applications.
  • Scoir provides several college advising tools for free to all the students and free to Title I eligible schools. The new integrated application process will begin this summer which would strengthen their support for traditionally underrepresented students in higher education.
  • The coalition has 165 colleges as members and the common application has more than 900 colleges as members. The CEO of Common Application appreciated the efforts aimed at reducing barriers for students to apply to college and stated that she is looking forward to this initiative to work for students.
  •  She also stated that they will be working continuously to help more students access, afford and attain postsecondary opportunities. The Coalition will also be dropping CollegeNET as its technology provider and will be following a new direction.

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