Test-optional policy for 2022-2023 UG admissions – Brown

Test-optional policy for 2022-2023 UG admissions – Brown
  • Brown University has extended its test-optional policy for undergraduate admissions for the second time, i.e., the submission of ACT or SAT scores will be optional for candidates who apply for admissions on the academic session 2022-2023.
  • The Class of 2025 students who arrived in Fall 2021 were given admissions under the test-optional policy that took effect after the onset of the pandemic in June 2020 and was extended in Spring 2021.
  • This extension will help the students who are struggling with the implications of Covid-19 during their final high school years. Brown University aims at supporting their prospective students and their families during the application process and this extension will play a significant part in assisting the applicants.
  • However, the SAT and ACT scores submitted by the applicants will be reviewed but those who do not submit the scores will not be disadvantaged during the admission process. Every applicant will be reviewed individually and holistically and the whole person will be considered while making admission decisions.
  • The extension of this policy applies to all first-year students, transfer and Resumed Undergraduate Education applicants to Brown. Before the 2023-2024 admission cycle begins, the University will reevaluate the temporary policy.

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