Teachers object to the new syllabus draft released by DU

Teachers object to the new syllabus draft released by DU
  • Teachers have been opposing the new syllabus for undergraduate courses at Delhi University as they claim that there is a reduction in the academic content. The teachers object to the fact that the credits have been reduced from 196 to 176 and that the draft allows the students to opt for one, two or more disciplines of study as a core depending on the students’ choice.
  • Teachers fear that the students will be allowed to pursue multiple disciplines as their core which would lead to a lack of thorough knowledge in any subject. The draft seems to not care about encouraging specialization or helping students understand the intricacies of a particular subject.
  • Allowing the students to choose multiple core disciplines would make their degrees meaningless and the role of providing a credible framework by the institutions is being eroded. Moreover, the dilution of the credits from 196 is unacceptable and such mindless change will lead to massive dilution of the importance of the key courses.
  • The concept of mandating research will also generate many project shops and cut and paste research and research should be kept optional as it is currently offered. The Executive council and Academic council members of the university have written to the vice-chancellor asking that the proposed syllabus changes be deferred.

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