Superior Court orders to freeze enrollment at UC Berkeley

Superior Court orders to freeze enrollment at UC Berkeley
  • Thousands of prospective students may be denied admissions after the University of California, Berkeley was ordered to freeze enrollment amid an ongoing legal dispute with a local community group over the environmental impact of an expansion plan that was proposed.
  • The University of California asked the court to stay the order to freeze enrollment while the appellate process goes on which was denied last week. Berkeley must reduce its student population by 3,500 for the next school year as per the latest court order.
  • This order would have a devastating impact on the prospective students, campus operations, university admissions and UC’s ability to serve California students by meeting the enrollment targets set by the State of California.
  • The Save Berkeley’s Neighbourhood group has argued that continued enrollment growth at the university has stressed housing availability in the area, generated unacceptable levels of noise in nearby communities and displaced existing residents.
  • The president of the neighbourhood group stated that the university has been irresponsible in managing enrollment growth, prioritizing higher-paying out-of-state and international students over in-state applicants thus displacing the low-income residents by affluent out-of-state students.
  • UC Berkeley spokesperson stated that the University is conducting a comprehensive analysis to explore all the options seeking to mitigate the impact of shrinking enrollment. This is the time when many universities have rolled out their applications and are reviewing them, many being almost close to finalizing their classes for the fall semester.

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