Study Materials and Preparation techniques for IELTS

It is necessary to learn the test format before beginning the preparation for the IELTS examination. After knowing about the examination, it is necessary for the students to go through the content of the test and analyze what type of questions are asked in each of the sections. If the students are planning to choose the route of self-study, they must prepare from the best books and resources available for IELTS and must be well-equipped with the preparation stage.

The various materials that can be used to study for IELTS include;

  • Road to IELTS: This is an e-learning platform which provides online practice assessments with over 100 hours of interactive activities, hints and tips on question types, advice videos from British Council experts, downloadable practice tests and up-to-date online study material which is aimed precisely to ward off the challenges faced by the candidates.
  • The Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS: This guide consists of advice needed by students to achieve the desired band in the IELTS examination. It focuses on the language and skills that are needed to perform with confidence and it is practical and easy to use.
  • IELTS preparation material free download by IDP: This is an IELTS Essentials Pack by IDP and includes examiner approved IELTS test preparation tips that are best suited for the examination. This also helps to organize the IELTS journey of the students and provides detailed information on what to expect on the day of the examination.

If you are a self-learner, then you have to first familiarize yourself with your exam structure and syllabus and go through the IELTS study material online for IELTS preparation. Also, it is essential to learn more about each of the skills namely; reading, writing, listening and speaking. You have to develop your English capabilities and frame IELTS strategies by keeping in mind the time constraints. The most important thing is to start taking practise tests daily and learn to approach IELTS questions.

IELTS examination consists of four sections namely;

  • Reading Test: This section evaluates your reading ability and you must be able to read lengthy articles along with short answers, Multiple Choice Questions, matching information and sentence completion. Focus on the minor details, use capital letters for answers and make sure you are to the point.
  • Writing Test: This section comprises two subsections in which you have to write an essay describing your Point of View, Describe a diagram, chart or graph. You must try to write more than 150 words for the first task and more than 250 words for the second task.
  • Listening Test: This section evaluates your understanding of the language and consists of four sections comprising 40 questions. It is necessary that you read the questions before the recording starts and make notes on the question paper while listening to the recording.
  • Speaking Test: This section requires that you interact live with the examiner to analyze how well you spoke the language. You have to be spontaneous, listen to the questions carefully and speak slowly, fluently and be confident while speaking. 
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