Study Abroad Surprise Destinations – New Emergence

Study Abroad Surprise Destinations - New Emergence

5.67% of Indian students have moved to surprising countries like Germany, France, Spain, UAE and Portugal.

The Global student housing platform of University Living has released a survey-based report. The report gives interesting insights into aspects such as countries that are emerging as popular choices. It also talks about the increase in traffic for accommodation booking and the change in the study abroad scenario due to the pandemic.

After the pandemic, several new courses have become popular among students. This has helped them pursue to pursue various things that need qualified professionals. Students are becoming more calculative regarding their study abroad destinations. Moreover, the mental health and safety of the students are prioritized.

Countries such as Germany, France, Spain, UAE and Portugal have shown up as surprising destinations for students. Portugal and Germany have seen a 7 times increase in international students. However, Spain has seen a 6.8 times increase, France has seen a 5.5 times increase and the UAE has seen a 2 times increase.

However, conventional countries continue to grow in popularity despite the emergence of new countries. A total of 90,669 Indian students were issued visas in September 2021. This is a 102% increase compared to September 2020.

The student housing platform has witnessed a 42% increase in the USA. There is also a surge in the number of students from Tier II and Tier III cities. Students from non-metros are increasingly becoming aware of the options available to them.

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