Study abroad aspirants off to a rocky start – Covid-19 difficulties

Study abroad aspirants off to a rocky start - Covid-19 difficulties

Various factors such as the two years of online learning, delayed board exams, their results, waiting for visas and last-minute flights have impacted the students.

Various factors have impacted students due to the Covid-19 pandemic. They include two years of online learning, delayed board exams along with their wait for results. In addition to this, the wait for visas coupled with last-minute flight fares has resulted in the agitation of students.

The closing of schools due to the pandemic was just the start of a stressful phase. This will set the career of the students who are planning to go to foreign destinations for higher studies. Students have been in the home for two years. The board exams were split up into two for the first time this year.

Moreover, the clarity on how results were computed was not given and the delay in the second term results caused chaos. The certificates from the board took a long time to arrive and arranging for visas and last-minute flight bookings was another set of difficulties.

However, some students have not made travel arrangements and have applied for visas late due to uncertainty as to the release of board exam results. This has led the students to a situation of \”zero clarity\” as they do not know where they will be able to join the semester.

Over 13.24 lakh students went abroad from India for higher studies in 2021. Maximum students headed to the USA followed by Canada, UAE and Australia. For the academic session 2021-2022, the board exams by the CBSE and ICSE were split into two terms.

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