Students Prefer Hybrid Learning to Save Time and Costs

Students Prefer Hybrid Learning to Save Time and Costs

80 per cent of students studying Undergraduate courses and 75 per cent of students studying Postgraduate courses prefer hybrid learning.

India\’s digital platform for overseas learning, WorldGrad announced the results of a recent survey on UG and PG students aspiring to study abroad. Students\’ preferences for hybrid learning models, top destinations and other factors were analyzed.

965 students participated in the survey of which 261 students aspired to study abroad for a UG degree and 422 aimed for a PG degree. 282 students preferred studying at Indian Universities. Moreover, 80% of undergraduate and 75% of postgraduate students wished to pursue overseas education through a hybrid learning mode. The most important factor for students is acquiring a job.

Highlights of the survey

32% of Undergraduate students choose Australia as their top destination due to the lower degree costs. 23%, 21% and 16% of students prefer the US, Canada and the UK respectively.

The US is the most favoured destination for 33% of PG students. The UK, Canada and Australia are preferred by 20% of PG students.

Employment opportunities are the most important for PG students in all countries. Due to the one-year programs offered, the UK and Canada are less expensive. Costs are found to be a big benefit for these two regions for about 30% of the PG students.

Undergraduate students in Australia and the UK give preference to hybrid learning options as they are mostly cost-conscious.

PG students of 75% consider doing half of their first year online for less cost which is the highest among those willing to study in the US.

UG students who are expecting to begin their education within a year are more open to doing online studies so that they can save time in a hybrid start. PG students who wish to start next year are more open to online studies.

Conclusive evidence

According to the survey, students are more open to hybrid models. This will help them save costs and give them a head start on their courses. A 100% visa acceptance rate is achieved for the students who have gone abroad to study through hybrid programs.

This information will help in improving services and meeting the needs of the students. Also, 55% of UG students plan to use family savings for the school. 20% of the students consider education loans. This shows a lack of knowledge about loans. Only 32% of PG students wish to use family savings and 33% consider education loans. This indicates a higher level of awareness.

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