Students from India and Nepal returned quickly – Australia

Students from India and Nepal returned quickly – Australia
  • The Australian Government reopened borders for international students after two years and the number of international students in Australia increased by 29856 in the first six weeks. Around 147,000 visa holders are currently outside Australia.
  • The Australian Government is working on making the international students return by offering visa refunds and easing limits on their access to the workforce. The opening of borders has reversed the steady decline in international students.
  • Students from some countries have returned in large numbers than the others and the number of students from India and Nepal has increased the most which account for 50% of the increase in the past six weeks.
  • Chinese students have not returned quickly to Australia which accounts for 60% of all the international students. Many new Chinese students have applied for and been granted visas and thus are waiting for the start of the semester before returning to Australia.
  • Students from different countries are returning at different rates due to the labour market. About 78% of Indian students and 87% of Nepalese students are employed in the Australian workforce which is less than 21% of students from China.
  • Current and recently graduated international students made up about 2% of the total labour force. The occupations that concentrated international students have faced widespread difficulties in finding staff.
  • International students tend to choose Australia as their destination for the study is due to their ability to work. International students are allowed to work 20 hours a week and there is no need for the students to apply for a separate work visa.  Australia also allows international students to apply for a post-study work visa which enables them to work in Australia for one to five years after their period of study.
  • Australia has now loosened the work restrictions which shows that not just the universities but many Australians also rely on the labour of international students. Australia ensures that the rights of international students are protected and that they are not exploited in their workplace.

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