Students flock to study abroad after the pandemic year

Students flock to study abroad after the pandemic year
  • Students have started to apply to foreign countries for higher education after the lockdowns. Students have not lost their interest to study abroad even after the pandemic and it is reported that over a third of students from Cambridge have joined foreign universities.
  • The top four destinations preferred by the students are the US, UK, Canada and Australia and the reason for students’ preference ranges from quality teaching to better opportunities. Mainly, the top 3 reasons for students’ choosing a university are high-quality teaching, availability of scholarships and high graduate employment rate.
  • The Co-founder of Leap Scholar stated that besides rankings, students are attracted to universities in English-speaking countries due to the English language as it has become the world’s business language. Indian students also focus on post-study work rules and countries such as Canada and Australia offer permanent residency provisions easily.
  • Australia has recently made changes in the post-study work visa allowing the students to stay back for three years. Most students have upgraded themselves by pursuing online courses during the lockdown to prepare them for the next step and thus, this year, many applications have been received.
  • Amid Covid, many universities waived off SAT, GRE scores for admissions and students were given the provision to join the first semester online and arrive late on campus making the number of applications more this year. The US has issued 62,000 visas for Indian students by the end of 2021 summer.
  • The increase in interest in the UK higher education has also been increased this year due to the legacy of renowned institutions, quality professors, opportunity to pursue careers in an international hub and life experience.

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