Students are anxious to return back – Delhi University

Students are anxious to return back – Delhi University
  • Several students express apprehensions about returning to the campus as Delhi University reopens. The concerns are mainly raised by the first-year students as the exams begin from the second week of March.
  • However, Delhi University has declared that the examinations will be conducted in online mode as it will take time for the students to settle and find accommodation. The hostels of DU has been cleaned and sanitized regularly to accommodate the students who return.
  • Many students who are from outstation may not return back and hence the officials have asked to respond by the 15th to know how many students will return. Many of the emails for students are stating that they won’t be able to come. However, those residing in Delhi are eager to return to the campus.
  • Moreover, final year students have two concerns; firstly, their concern to sit for competitive exams for which they’ve picked their local cities as centres and secondly, it may create an economic burden to travel back to Delhi to complete only their two months of study left.

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