Student visa application process and APS system – German Ambassador

Student visa application process and APS system - German Ambassador

Close to 35,000 Indian students have been attracted by Germany. It has been attracting an ever-growing number of international students. This shows that Indians are the second largest group of foreign students staying in the country.

Studying in Germany can make for an unforgettable experience. It has various unique features from the serenity of Heidelberg to the bustling streets of Berlin. A growing number of degrees are offered by German universities in English.

For Indian students, this makes the country an attractive destination. The country is in the heart of Europe. The research ecosystem offered by the country is unique. The country offers direct connections between universities and industries. It also offers connections between universities and competitive universities of applied sciences.

Close to 35,000 Indian students have been attracted by Germany. It has been attracting an ever-growing number of international students. This shows that Indians are the second largest group of foreign students staying in the country.

The scope of the scientific relations between Germany and India is illustrated by this trend. PhD students from India have been contributing at their German universities and research facilities to various cutting-edge research.

However, new administrative challenges have been created by the increasing number of applications for German student visas. The visa application process, in the past, has always been slow. Moreover, it caused understandable anger at times on the side of applicants. Also, there has been a significant number of fraudulent applications witnessed among student visa applications.

Therefore, at present, screening has been done on each and every student application thoroughly. This would, thus, slow down the application process for all. Moreover, on October 1, 2022, the Academic Evaluation Centre was introduced. This will streamline and facilitate the visa application process. It will also verify the academic credentials.

Academic Evaluation Centre

The Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany New Delhi and the German Academic Exchange Service have jointly designated The Academic Evaluation Centre as its service provider. Indian students are facilitated with a hassle-free admissions process to German universities. Therefore, their documents are authenticated in the right manner.

APS can issue a certificate after the successful completion of document verification. When applying for studies in Germany, this is a prerequisite for the visa application process. Applicants can prove the authenticity of their academic documents with an APS certificate in hand.

They are also enabled to prove their eligibility for studies in universities in Germany. New guidelines must be followed when applying for a student visa to Germany. This is exclusively for students who hold a degree from an Indian higher educational institute or an Indian school board.

Students are recommended to begin the entire application process from the start of the APS application to the start of their studies in Germany at least a year in advance. German ambassadors claim that a lot of applications that reach them are incomplete or contain small mistakes.

This leads to a delay in the processing time. The following key points are recommended to smoothen the process. This will help you to make sure that your application is complete.

APS Website

The APS Website is your official source of information on the APS. If you are not sure whether you are eligible, you can start your application process by responding to a few questions on the eligibility quiz offered on the website.

This will give you a clear understanding helping you qualify for studies in Germany with your current academic and educational background. You may have various questions in mind.

  • Should the APS certificate be applied first?
  • Should I directly apply to the German university?
  • How must my documents be submitted?

Such questions are answered in the FAQ section of the APS. Also, answers are given to general questions regarding the application and verification process. The “News-Section” of the APS website offers time-critical information on the entire process.

Required documents

You will be directed to the verification procedure that you must follow after answering our eligibility quiz. The \”Checklist-Section\” of the APS website offers detailed information on the documents that must be prepared for you for the various application procedures.

Online registration and payment

There are seven steps in the registration process. Each step requires you to give detailed information regarding your personal details, language abilities and educational background. You must be sure to have all the relevant information available while submitting your online application.

You will be asked to provide us with your payment details during the final stage. Also, you can choose to make an online payment through our website. Otherwise, you can wire the fee to us through your own online banking portal.

Making your payment through your own payment portal is strongly recommended. This will ensure that your payment matches automatically. Also, your account gets activated immediately. If you choose this option, you must make the payment before submitting the registration form. You must also have the wiring details ready.

Duration of the verification

Over the last couple of weeks, over 1,500 applicants have received their certificates. It may take some time until the application of the candidates is received to start the individual verification process due to a large number of people applying.

Over 200 applications are being received each day. The individual processing time is been tried to bring down to a maximum of four weeks. Certain delays cannot be avoided due to the high number of applications at the moment.

Have Patience

Candidates have been waiting for an update on the current application status. However, the precious time that is required to work on your application has been taken away by answering these types of queries. Moreover, our focus currently is on issuing your certificates as quickly as possible.

Also, we have been doing our best to meet the German university deadlines. During the online registration, students can offer the official contact details of their Indian university representatives for assistance.

Germany is one of the countries that offer the best colleges for study abroad. Students who wish to study in public universities are not charged with any fees in the country.

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