Student discounts in Australia – From study to entertainment

Student discounts in Australia – From study to entertainment
  • International students pursuing their education in Australia who are looking to better manage their expenses are helped using various student discounts which include all the study essentials as well as entertainment. Below are the details of a few scholarships awarded to the students.
  • International Student Identity Card: If you are a full-time student at school, college or a University, then you are qualified for this scholarship, regardless of gender, race, nationality or religion. Virtual and physical cards are offered by ISIC which allows you to benefit from over 150,000 discounts across 130 countries worldwide.
  • You can also gain discounted and preferential access to services, products and experiences relevant to all aspects of students’ life including bookstores, cafes and eateries, public transport and cinema access for only 30 Australian dollars per annum.
  • Spotify Premium: If you have a verified enrollment at an approved University, Spotify Premium offers student discounts so that students can enjoy a one-month free premium with 50% off every month. To ensure that you are still valid for the discount, your status as a student will be reviewed annually.
  • StudentUniverse: StudentUniverse is a travel booking site for students and young adults under 30 which negotiates directly with airlines to get under 30’s exclusive discounts.
  • Student VIP: The StudentVIP website allows you to look for discounted books and other classroom materials. You can buy secondhand books using cash or trade in your old books for new ones and the extra cash you’ve saved can be used to buy quality subject notes in their proprietary marketplace.
  • You can also hire tutors’ to guide and teach you to ace your next test and if you have already mastered your subject, you can be a tutor to help students and earn some extra cash.
  • UNiDAYS: UNiDAYS works like an e-commerce website that offers student discounts of a minimum of 10% where students can directly purchase their favourite products from various brands. In order to secure the discounts, students can apply through the website and review their student status through the student’s university website to generate a one-time discount code.

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