Strict Action for Net Migration – Study in UK Dreams may Weaken

Strict Action for Net Migration - Study in UK Dreams may Weaken

The new Government in the United Kingdom is planning to reduce the net migration numbers. This is from those witnessed by the country in the year ending June 2022. Therefore, the dream of studying in the United Kingdom may become difficult in the upcoming days. In the UK, the net migration is mostly comprised of non-EU nationals entering the country on student visas.

The Government of the United Kingdom has announced that it will work on reducing the number of people who have been arriving in the UK in a sudden turn of events. The new government is planning on bringing down the net migration from a record level. This has been highlighted by several media outlets.

Also, some reports suggested that the government might ban foreign students. This excludes those who have been selected by top universities in the UK. The net migration in the UK has increased up to a record of 504,000 according to the new data.

Therefore, as a result of the rise, a spokesperson reinstated the new commitment of the Prime Minister to bring down the overall numbers. The Government of the UK has been considering all the options to make sure that the immigration system is delivering. However, this does not include the issue of low-quality degrees and student dependents.

The incoming international students, according to the reports, have resulted in a sudden increase in the net migration numbers. This report has, however, excluded those who have been arriving for humanitarian protection, that is, the refugees from Ukraine.

Report by Office of National Statistics

This claim was further backed by a report from the Office of National Statistics. It stated that Non-EU migrants, especially students have been the driving force behind the increase in the numbers. The Office of National Statistics further highlighted that the incoming student travellers were boosted much more after lifting the travel restrictions in 2021.

The data by the ONS revealed that 39 per cent of the 277,000 long-term visas of non-EU nationals were entering the country on student visas. This was for the year ending June 2022. Indian students have overtaken Chinese students, according to the ONS data, as the largest international student cohort in the country.

Thus, there is a significant jump of 273 per cent in the number of visas granted over years. Thus, if the government of the UK was to impose a ban on foreign students, then students from India will be the ones most affected. The announcement was followed after the new government announced a youth mobility partnership. This partnership will offer 3,000 young professionals from India to work and live in the UK every year.

Thus, Indian professionals, through this scheme, will be offered visas that permit them to work and stay in the UK for two years. However, British nationals will be able to work and live in India. This new announcement has come as a shock to Indian students as the UK offers the best study-abroad colleges for Indian students.

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