Strategies to choose the right study abroad destination

Strategies to choose the right study abroad destination

There is an upsurge in the number of Indian students applying to foreign universities and even with the pandemic, universities were overwhelmed with a record number of applications. Students have to be strategic and practical in their approach while choosing the right study abroad destination as this is never easy.

Below is a five-step approach that must be followed to choose the right destination to study abroad:

The first step is to identify the ideal course and until the student is sure about the program they are interested in pursuing in, this process might become difficult. Based on extensive research, once the student has identified the course, it is necessary to understand the scope of the program in the countries that are being considered.

Current possibilities of gaining exposure must also be considered as the students will get opportunities to intern or work on projects in their chosen field of study during their academic years.

The next step is for the students to identify the entry requirements for a particular university. The candidate must study and understand the university and course selection requirements so that their efforts of preparation are focused in the right direction.

Some of the important entry requirements that students should look into are standardized tests, language proficiency tests, past years of education and experience, etc.

Every student has a different way to absorb knowledge and prefers a unique learning environment which becomes a necessary criterion for students to explore. The curriculum structure, teaching pedagogy, the degree of flexibility offered by the program, scope of participation in extracurricular and cultural activities and the quality of faculty are all crucial factors that must be considered by the student.

Funding education abroad is a challenging parameter for most students and students fail to account for hidden costs such as local commuting and health surcharge. Moreover, Return on Investment is a crucial factor for the students and parents as it can be subjective depending on the choice of the student’s profession or the country that they wish to work in.

Students must research the available scholarships at both the institutional and government level and financial aid can serve as a blessing. However, part-time work is another great alternative that will help in supporting the daily expenses.

The goal of the majority of the students is to find job opportunities in the country they pursue their higher education and their major concern is whether the country would be able to support long-term professional growth and provide the right opportunities.

Immigration requirements must also be considered as some countries have several regulations which make it difficult to stay back after course completion. Thus, it is ideal to study and deeply understand the visa requirements.

This five-step approach will help in making a better decision when choosing the destination to study abroad. However, it is always advisable to seek professional guidance from a study abroad advisor who is trained and experienced and will help you walk through this crucial journey.

Students must be aware of agencies which send students abroad for their personal gains without checking the legitimacy of the institutions and thus putting the life of the students at stake. Students are also advised to do their own research before adhering to any advice.

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