STEM designation for MBA – Whitman School of Management

STEM designation for MBA – Whitman School of Management
  • For students who complete concentrations in business analytics, accounting, finance, supply chain management and marketing, Martin J. Whitman School of Management has announced that its MBA will be classified as STEM-designated.
  • The first ones to graduate with this new STEM certification is the class of 2022. This initiative reflects the commitment of the faculty to prepare the students for a fast-changing business environment such as data analytics, cutting edge technology and forward-looking innovation.
  • This initiative also facilitates students’ success in the industry after graduation. Through this program, international students on an F-1 visa are allowed to extend their time in Optional Practical Training from 12 to 36 months in the US.
  • This makes the graduates from STEM-designated programs gain valuable experience relevant to their field of study. Students will be well-prepared for careers in business that reflect STEM-based skills and industries which will support them throughout their careers.

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