Stanford University vs University of California, Berkeley (Psychology)

Stanford University vs University of California, Berkeley (Psychology)

This article provides you with a comprehensive understanding of the Department of Psychology at Stanford University and the University of California, Berkeley by comparing their admission process, tuition fees, scholarships and extracurricular activities.

Department of Psychology

Stanford University

The Department of Psychology of Stanford University is highly recognized for conducting impactful research projects. The department extensively supports teaching and research that are mainly devoted to a better understanding of the behaviour and nature of humans. The areas of research that are supported include cognitive and developmental psychology, social psychology, neuroscience, the study of emotion, etc. The awards offered at Stanford University include Undergraduate Minor, Departmental Honours, PhD Minor and Joint degree.

University of California, Berkeley 

The University of California, Berkeley in this institute aims to describe, predict and understand the behaviour of living organisms through the scientific discipline known as Psychology. The department aims to produce scholarly researchers with sufficient knowledge in the subject that will help them retain perspective in the field of psychology and permit significant and independent research.

Specialization areas offered include Behavioral and Systems Neuroscience, Cognition, Clinical Science, Developmental and Social-Personalit and Cognitive Neuroscience. The awards offered at the University of California, Berkeley include Graduate and Undergraduate degrees.

Admission Process

Stanford University
  • Common application procedure
  • Non-refundable application fee of $90 or fee waiver request
  • ACT or SAT scores (the university went test-optional for 2022–23)
  • School report form
  • Counsellor letter of recommendation
  • Academic results or Official transcripts
  • Letters of recommendation from two teachers
  • By February 15, the candidate must submit a Midyear transcript


Bachelor’s degree in engineering or medicine or a Four-year bachelor’s degree (For students from India, for graduate study at Stanford, a three-year bachelor’s degree in any subject is not considered sufficient. The candidate must have a three-year bachelor’s degree along with a two-year master’s degree from India).

Based on the characteristics of a national educational system, the type of institution the candidate has attended and the level of studies completed, the assessment of a post-secondary degree is carried out at Stanford University.

In order to enrol in a graduate study program at Stanford University, the given guidelines must be followed. The guidelines indicate the minimum level of study that one must have achieved from a recognised academic institution. The candidate is required to clear TOEFT iBT successfully before the application deadline of the program if their first language is not English.

University of California, Berkeley

The candidate must submit the application to the University of California application which opens in August. However, the application can only be submitted during the month of November. The application consists of the online form, ACT/ SAT scores and personal statement. This must be sent along with transcripts, portfolios and letters of recommendation.

Tuition Fees

Stanford University 
  • Tuition fees for undergraduate programs – $19,231 (The cost may however be different for international students)
  • Document fee – $250
  • Annual mail service fee – $88
University of California, Berkeley: 
  • Undergraduate program – $50,001 + $69,801 (Living expenses)
  • Graduate program – $36,162 + $57,762 (Living expenses)


Stanford University 

A limited amount of financial aid is offered at Stanford University for international students. International students who are in need of assistance must indicate this on the admission application. Assistance will be awarded to applicants who are admitted with aid eligibility from institutional funds. This will be purely based on the financial circumstances of their family. The scholarships provided include:

  • Stanford Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowship
  • Knight Hennessy Scholarship
  • TOEFL Scholarship programme
  • Aga Khan Foundation International Scholarship Program
University of California, Berkeley

A variety of scholarships are offered by Berkeley that can help you fund your education. ​The scholarships provided include:

  • NAE Grand Challenges Scholars programme
  • Neri and Hu Travel Fellowship/Scholarship
  • Graduate Fellowship
  • Research and Teaching Assistantship

Extra activities

Stanford University

Students must have access to more than 650 different student organizations outside of the classroom in order to join as part of extracurricular activities at Stanford University. The activities range from academic and athletic clubs to religious and artistic organisations. Several clubs and organizations are hosted by the university which is divided into the following categories:

  • Arts and Culture
  • Cantor Center for the visual arts
  • Anderson Collection (Museum of modern art)
  • Sports and physical activity
  • Clubs and social gatherings
University of California, Berkeley

The students can access over 1,200 student clubs and organisations at the university. Students have the opportunity to participate in as many student organizations as they wish depending on their academic pursuits, interests and schedules as part of the extracurricular activities at Berkeley. These organizations mainly fall under the categories given below:

  • Arts and Culture
  • Berkeley art studio
  • UC choral ensembles
  • Berkeley music
  • Student musical activities
  • Recreational sports
  • Intramurals
  • Sports clubs

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