Seats filling up faster in new branches of technical courses

Seats filling up faster in new branches of technical courses
  • Technical Colleges across India have opted to reset their offerings and close down branches that do not have many takers.
  • Instead, colleges have been opting for other courses in new and emerging areas as nearly 40,000 seats have been approved by the AICTE in 2021 in the new and emerging areas with the highest in artificial intelligence and machine learning, followed by AI and data science.
  • Institutes across India have been filling these seats faster than the core engineering branches and many more colleges are planning to close down traditional branches which have few takers and opt for new courses. There is a reduction of 11,000 mechanical engineering seats and 10,000 civil engineering seats between 2020-2022.
  • However, even though new emerging courses have many students enrolled, shutting down old courses may be dangerous as it may lead to a lack of engineers in those streams in the future. Thus, alongside the major degree, students must be offered minors in cutting edge courses with a lot of multi-disciplinary and cross-disciplinary combinations.

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