SAT will be digital in 2023 – benefits for the students

SAT will be digital in 2023 – benefits for the students

The SAT examination is going digital in 2023 which will be shorter, more concise and utilize state-of-the-art technology to improve quality, test access and delivery to the students around the world.

This new reform will create a more equitable playing field and make testing a more favourable experience for all the students. The SAT scores are used by many universities and colleges as a key factor in predicting and demonstrating college readiness.

The test scores and examination marks are first used to determine the English proficiency and if the student can do the work. If this part is okay, then other parts of the application are looked into. The pilot version of the new format received high praises from the US, international students and test proctors.

A vast majority of the students found the testing experience excellent and stated that it was very convenient and that they were less stressed out. The education establishments are working to enhance and simplify the higher education admission process through the India Global Higher Education Alliance.

The digital SAT will make it simpler for the students to apply to multiple universities at once inside and outside India. The digital SAT also opens doors to multiple scholarship opportunities for Indian students and students may be eligible to apply for scholarships at participating schools through the India Scholars program.

The test will be conducted for two hours rather than three hours and students will be given more time to answer each question. Shorter reading passages that reflect a broader range of topics will be given and calculators are permitted throughout the math section and will be provided within the testing app.

Test takers will be provided with a timer to check the remaining time while taking the test and flag test questions that require additional time and they might want to go back to. This online shift is introduced at a time when schools all over the world are finding innovative ways to support digital learning.

Despite the changes introduced in the testing policy requirements, 83% of the students wanted to submit standardized test scores for admissions to colleges and universities and scholarships worldwide. Students who are taking the SAT will be able to use their laptop or tablet, a loaned device from the College Board or a school-issued device.

The new digital SAT format is designed to ensure that the students don’t lose work or time if the internet connectivity is lost. Testing will continue to be proctored at secure test centres and real-time support will be given if there are any issues. This format also provides accommodations to students with disabilities and special needs.

Students will receive the results within days which provides them with choices and enough time to decide how to utilize their scores and will provide the opportunity to retest if needed. Test takers who do not hail from the US will have seven opportunities instead of five, providing more opportunities to identify and enhance areas for improvement.

Each student will see a unique test form, thus decreasing the possible cancellation of tests due to security concerns. Moreover, international shipping used to be a huge challenge for administrators and the new format does not require the administrators to securely receive, gather, distribute or collect answer scripts.

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