SAT exams to go entirely online from 2024 in the US

SAT exams to go entirely online from 2024 in the US
  • SAT examination which was conducted in paper and pencil mode will be conducted in online mode from 2023 for International Students and 2024 in the U.S. The duration of the examination will shrink from three hours to two hours, allow students to use a calculator for math and include shorter reading passages.
  • The examination will be conducted at a test centre or a school but students can choose their own device or schools’ device. The College Board stated that they are adapting to the evolving needs of the students.
  • Previously, the college board withdrew the plan of offering an at-home digital test because of the concern on whether the students will be able to access three hours of uninterrupted power and internet. This new SAT will have an autosave so that the students will not lose work or time after reconnecting.
  • Although many colleges and universities will be going test-optional from 2022, tests such as SAT and ACT are deeply ingrained in the American high school experience and some students see value in it as the College Board still claims that SAT plays a vital role in holistic admissions.
  • One of the students claimed that SAT scores can make the admissions better and speaks to what the students can accomplish in their testing ability. She also stated that with many colleges going test optional, this would be an added advantage for those who wish to take up the test.

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