SAT examination fee procedure, payment and waivers

SAT examination fee procedure, payment and waivers

The fees of the SAT examination vary depending upon the country of the applicant. The registration cost for SAT examination in India with a written essay is $106 and without an essay is $94 and in the Indian rupee terms, it is around INR 6200-7000.

A student can also sit for SAT subject test along with a general SAT which can be useful under certain circumstances and the fee for a SAT subject test is around $111. Other fee details are as mentioned below:

  • SAT fee for changing your test centre – $25
  • SAT fee for cancelling your registration by the said deadline – $25
  • SAT fee for cancelling your registration after the said deadline – $35
  • SAT fee for late registration after the given deadline – $30
  • SAT waitlist fee charged only if you are admitted to the test centre on test day – $53
  • Fee for four registration score reports available up to nine days after the test date – $0
  • Fee for additional score reports ordered outside of the above time period – $12
  • Fee for rush service to send your score reports to colleges within one or two days – $31
  • The fee to get your score by a phone call – $15 (per call)
  • Fee for old test scores from the archived scores – $31
  • Fee for question and answer service which provides the test questions from the specified test you took – $16
  • Fee for student answer service from the specified test you took – $16
  • Fee for Multiple Choice hand score verification – $55

Procedure for Fees Refund:

  • The fee for SAT exam registration cannot be refunded later than five days before the test day.
  • The SAT registrations which are cancelled are partially refunded.
  • Beginning six weeks after the test date, the refunds are processed.
  • The reports of the SAT score ordered with the registration are refundable only if the candidate is absent on the test day.
  • If orders are cancelled within 24 hours and have not been processed or sent, the additional score reports may be refunded.
  • The refund list does not include rush score reports.
  • You can contact customer service to request a cancellation if you do not want to transfer the SAT Subject Tests registration.
  • If you wish to take the test after the cancellation, then you will have to register again.

SAT Exam Fee Waiver:

The fee waiver includes 2 free SATs and 2 free Answer Services if you are from a low-income family and this burden can be lessened by availing of a College Board fee waivers scheme. The 12-digit SAT waiver code must be entered under Got a Fee Waiver Code and once you sign in and fill in the requirements, you have to click the submit option.

The candidates who choose offline registration by mail with a fee waiver card will need to make sure it includes the 12-digit fee waiver code, the name of a high school counsellor or another authorized person and the way you qualified for the waiver and send it along with your paper registration form. You must be careful while completing the fee waiver information as incomplete cards or forms will be mailed back unprocessed.

Eligibility for SAT Fee Waiver:

  • Must be enrolled in or eligible to participate in the National School Lunch Program.
  • The family income of the candidate must fall within guidelines for free or reduced-price lunches.
  • The family of the candidate must receive public assistance.
  • The candidate must be enrolled in a federal, state or local program for low-income students.
  • The candidate must live in subsidized housing, or foster care or must be homeless.
  • The candidate must be a ward of the state or an orphan.

Benefits of Fee Waiver:

  • The candidate can take two free SATs with or without the essay along with 6 free SAT Subject Tests.
  • The candidate can avail of 2 free Question and Answer Services or Student Answer Service reports.
  • The candidate will have access to unlimited score reports sent to colleges.
  • The candidate will have the benefit of waiving application fees at participating colleges.
  • Free CSS Profile applications can be availed to apply for financial aid from participating schools.
  • Fee reductions can be availed for score verification reports.
  • You cannot get non-US regional fees for free tests if you are a US applicant studying abroad.
  • If you are in the US or US territories, you will be charged with no late registration fees for free tests.

SAT Fee Payment Methods:

Cash is not accepted for SAT exam prices and if you pay by check or money order, you cannot register online and must register by mail. Online payments can be made using credit cards, PayPal, check or money orders or through bank draft.

How to Minimize SAT Registration Costs:

  • Take the test early: The rush order can be avoided if you take the test earlier rather than later and try to schedule your last SAT 4 weeks prior to the time you need the SAT scores.
  • Early Registration: If the candidate misses the registration deadline, then the later registration fees must be paid. Thus, registering in advance will save money and you can book your preferred test date.
  • Take Advantage of Free Score Reports: You have to make a list of the schools to which you prefer to take admissions and send up to four score reports for free if you specify the schools you’d like to send your scores.

Most colleges require SAT fees but there are a few best colleges which take no application fee such as Carleton College, Colby College, Wellesley College, United States Military Academy at West Point, Macalester College and Smith College.

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