Rise in Applications for MBA programs from India – GMAC

Rise in Applications for MBA programs from India – GMAC

The volume of applications for graduate business school programs abroad rose by 0.4% according to the survey conducted by Graduate Management Admission Council and it was found that the highest number of international applications came from India.

This rise was due to various reasons such as friendly visa policies, two-year work visas and easing of lockdown restrictions. Applicants were pushed to look for alternative career options but the flexible admission policies induced by various B-Schools resulted in a higher number of applications.

However, a decline of 3.8% is found under the category of domestic candidates. Programs in the US, the UK and Europe witnessed a decline in domestic applicants when compared to other countries. Moreover, the difference between domestic and international applications is evident among top business schools for full-time MBA programs.

There was a doubled increase in the international candidates when compared to the year 2019. Full-time MBA has continually attracted applicants and it was found that 60% of women candidates have been enrolled in full-time two-year MBA programs.

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