Returning International students must arrive before Feb. 5

Returning International students must arrive before Feb. 5
  • The Government of Western Australia has informed that only students who arrive in Australia before February 5, 2022 at midnight will be allowed to enter the state. This rule applies only to those students who are returning and are already pursuing the course. This rule does not imply to those students who are planning to start a course in 2022.
  • International students will not be allowed to fly directly into the country and must transit through other states and must be fully vaccinated. Students must self-isolate for 14 days in suitable premises within 200 km of their entry point into the state. Students must also get tested on the first and 12th day of quarantine.
  • The CEO of the International Education Association of Australia stated that the students\’ welfare is being overlooked in the government’s determination not to get voters off-side. He claimed that even after the students have booked and paid for flights, accommodation and first-semester tuition fees, the entry date was postponed.

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