Reason behind the US being the toughest admission destination

Reason behind the US being the toughest admission destination

The admission and selection process in the United States is completely different from other study destinations and it is really hard to be accepted to the best and most prestigious universities. Aspirants who wish to pursue an undergraduate program in the US must start their preparations from the ninth grade itself due to the tough selection process.

Institutions in the US receive applications from across the globe and in order to uphold their reputation, academic standards and competitive learning environment, the institutes work on understanding the applicant’s overall profile.

The admission committee takes various parameters into account such as the candidate’s minimum grade point average requirements, candidate’s resume, essays and statement of purposes and letter of reference from the institution last attended.

Standardized tests measure a student’s problem-solving and critical thinking capabilities along with English language proficiency while GPA ensures the consistency of the students in their academic journey.

Essays and Statement of Purposes help the colleges in understanding the student’s perspective about his preferred course, institution, profile, goals, etc., while the candidate’s resume provides an understanding of their professional, academic and non-academic achievements.

However, the universities will be able to understand the student’s academic and professional achievements from a third party’s perspective through a Letter of Recommendation. The candidates must write at least three to five essays for each college on various issues.

Candidates must also apply to nearly five to ten universities to ensure that they are admitted to one university. Along with the other procedures, video and in-person interviews are held to assess interpersonal skills.

Besides academics, leadership skills and extracurricular activities help in understanding the complete profile of an individual. Colleges and Universities in the top 25 also assess the candidates\’ family background, parents\’ educational qualifications and financial status.

This is because the universities prefer students who have excelled in academics and non-academics in the face of personal challenges. Universities tend to choose the students with a challenging childhood and the best academic criteria over the one who possesses only the best academic record.

Experts also suggest that if the parents have graduated from well-ranked universities in the US, the legacy helps their children in getting admission preference. These requirements are not consistent across all the US institutions but a student can refer to the preferred institutions’ websites to get to know the conditions.

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